1)  What is the School District's dress code?
1)  Q What is the School District's dress code?
Uniforms are the school dress code. The Gila Bend Unified School District uniform policy is as follows:

All students in Kindergarten through 12th grade who attend the District schools are expected to dress in the proper standard school attire. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the dress code. All students who attend District schools must dress in accordance with this dress code.

All students will wear the standard school clothing. The clothing may not be altered in a manner that includes, but is not limited to, slits and shredded hems. The standard school clothing shall be:

For Boys:

·     Solid colored shirts which closely resemble colors provided by the district with a lay-down collar. This may include, but is not limited to “polo” style shirts, and dress shirts. No logos or labels can be showing on the shirt. Turtle-necks in winter are acceptable. For the 2004-2005 school year gray shirts, with a lay-down collar will be accepted.

·     Solid navy blue, (or color that closely resembles those provided by the district) shorts or slacks. No logos, or large labels may be showing on the pants/shorts. No cargo pockets on the outer legs of the pants/shorts. Absolutely no blue jeans, cargo pants, or sweat pants.

For Girls:

·     Solid colored shirts which closely resemble colors provided by the district with a lay-down collar. This may include “polo” and blouse styles. Turtle-necks are approved for winter.  No logos or labels can be showing on the top. Sleeveless tops are allowed in they have the correct collar, and are not loose around the arms

·     Solid navy blue, (or color that closely resembles those provided by the district) skirt, short, skorts, pants, jumpers and bib overalls may be worn. No logos or large labels may be visible. No blue jeans, or items resembling blue jeans too closely, or sweat pants may be worn. Stretch pants must be approved by the principal for appropriateness.

For all students:

·     Baggy or oversized clothing is not acceptable and is prohibited. Clothing may not be more than one size too large, to allow for one year’s growth. No sagging of clothing is allowed. Pants must fit at the waist and not drag on the ground. Shorts must not be shorter that the middle of the thigh, nor longer than the bottom of the knee. Skirts must not be shorter than the middle of the thigh.

·     Belts, if worn, must be black, brown, or navy and may not be more than one size larger than the waist. Belts must be worn at the waist.

·     Shirts and blouses must be tucked in.

·     No extremely short shorts or skirts allowed.

·     No undergarments may show. T-shirts may be worn under the shirt, but must not be other than white or gray.

·     Shoes must be appropriate for the uniform, and not be distracting. No open toed, flip flops, or house slippers are allowed.

·     Any buttons, jewelry, or other accessories, including socks, which contain vulgar, lewd, obscene, or plainly offensive references, including accessories that advocate the use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs; or gang affiliation are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Accessories must not be a distraction.

·     Hair dyed any color other than a natural color, for example blue, green, or flaming red will not be allowed.


·     Outer wear is designed to be worn outside as the weather dictates. It is to be removed in the classroom. As the discretion of the teacher, if the classroom is cold, students may keep their outer wear on. Students may wear windbreakers, sweaters, or sweatshirts as outer wear. These items should follow school dress code colors. . Expensive jackets are discouraged as the school is not liable for damaged, lost, or stolen items. Outer wear may not be more than one size too large for the student. STUDENTS MAY NOT WEAR FLANNEL SHIRTS OR HATS.

Special Occasions:

·     On occasion, the principal may allow a “dress-up” day when students may wear clothing other than the standard school clothing. This will be on special occasions only. The students and parents will be notified prior to the “dress-up” day. Special shirts that are given as incentives or that are for school groups, such as student council, drama, etc. may be worn with the approval of the principal.

·     If prior approval is obtained from the principal by the athletic director, or coaches, athletes, such as the football team, may wear their jerseys on game day.

·      The administrator may pre-approve exceptions for special activities or health considerations in all situations.


·     Students not dressed in accordance with the District Dress Code will be asked to contact their parents or guardians to bring the correct clothing. Student who repeatedly fail to dress in accordance with this dress code with be subject to disciplinary actions as established by District Policy.

·     No student shall be subject to discipline for failure to comply with this dress code in the reason is economic hardship. Under such circumstances, the school will provide assistance for the student to be furnished with standard school clothing. New students who enter District schools for the first time will have one week to purchase standard uniform clothing. During this time period, the schools may donate the use of one uniform set per child.